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Power Up Your Paddle with These Tips

Ever get super hungry while you’re on the water? Then you know that it’s no fun to burn out--no one wants to go home early! Even if you’re just out running errands, keeping your body fueled with good things is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether you like to eat before or after your outing, try powering up with these ideas. Grab some protein Hornet Watersports recommends a combination of protein and fat, like nut butters or a protein shake: It’ll give you “longer-lasting energy than grabbing a donut on your way to the water.” Try something portable: Hard-boiled eggs, fish tacos, a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich, or a smoothie with coconut milk...

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Marine Debris: 7 easy ways to help keep our water clean

look what we found We all know that trash in the water is bad. And maybe you've seen the horrifying video of the green sea turtle with the plastic straw stuck in its nostril. If you love to be outdoors, you know how important it is to keep waterways clean and wildlife safe. Maybe you’re already working hard to do your part in keeping trash out of the water, but COVID-19 restrictions have made it more difficult. Or maybe you’re not sure where to get started. That’s why the LiliKai team has compiled a few easy-to-implement tips for helping keep marine debris at bay, even in COVID times. Beach Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 26, but you can help keep the...

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Cathy, a paddler at the Outrigger races,loving her new pair of boardshorts in Tahiti  Teal/gold 5" Kerry, another happy customer at the Noah Kalama Outrigger Classic on Sat July 9th. She's wearing Pacific Island in Coral/White 5" length. Lesa, checking out the event, wearing a pair of 10" Pacific Island  Blue/White. The Long Beach Fireboat practicing maneuvers in the harbor.

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 Winning is FUN! This was a 1 mile fun race in King Harbor Marina, Redondo Beach. It was a mix of outrigger canoes and SUP. It was a bit challenging to have outriggers rolling over next to me and in front of me!  I'm wearing a 10" classic "boardie"in Waterlites-Teal&Aqua  5" Black & White                                 5" Teal & Aqua       

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