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Cathy, a paddler at the Outrigger races,loving her new pair of boardshorts in Tahiti  Teal/gold 5" Kerry, another happy customer at the Noah Kalama Outrigger Classic on Sat July 9th. She's wearing Pacific Island in Coral/White 5" length. Lesa, checking out the event, wearing a pair of 10" Pacific Island  Blue/White. The Long Beach Fireboat practicing maneuvers in the harbor.
Posted by: Susan Lilly


A beautiful day for LILIKAI and the other vendors in Doheny. The surf competition was the day before and it was "going off".                HOBIE was supplying boards to the kids.                               GIRL IN THE CURL A great store in Dana Point with clothing, fun beachy things and Surf Classes.
Posted by: Susan Lilly

LiliKai Ambasador - Happy

Happy was on her SUP in the King Harbor Marina. Wearing Pacific Island Blue/White  
Posted by: Susan Lilly

LiliKai Ambasador - Stacie

Stacie is from Vancouver, BC and is vacationing in Redondo Beach, CA Wearing Tahiti in Purple/Aqua
Posted by: Susan Lilly

LiliKai Ambasador - Gaylyn & Faith

Gaylyn and Faith love surfing in Dana Point. Waring Waterlites in Black/White and Pacific Island Blue/White 
Posted by: Susan Lilly

In The Begining..My first SUP,a Blue Bamboo by Rivera

 The Blue Bamboo, by Riviera. My first SUP and WOW I was so excited and yet didn't really know the adventure that was still to come!               Begining to get the "hang of it". Paddling in King Harbor.                                Cruising King Harbor Redondo Beach                        ...
Posted by: Susan Lilly

LiliKai boardshorts for active women

Just over a year ago I was just a beginner paddling out into the sunset in King Harbor in Redondo Beach. How beautiful to be surrounded by the stillness of a golden evening - except for the barking sea lions and the sound of surf on the seawall. It would be awhile before I ventured out into THE OCEAN. Unknown to me I was about to start a beautiful adventure right here in my...
Posted by: Susan Lilly