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Magic on the Water: Why I love SUP

getting ready to push off the dock

 SUP is my passion! I am on the water most days. This is my 3rd board and favorite - a BARK custom high performance board that I had "repainted" in bright tropical colors. LiliKai colors!

in King Harbor

I learned to paddle in  King Harbor, Redondo Beach CA. It is beautiful, ever changing, and has lots of sea life. MAGIC everywhere with pelicans, egrets and herons flying overhead and floating in the water. And under the water many different types of starfish, bat rays, the bright orange Garibaldi(California state fish) sea bass, octopus and the comical sea lions and seals. And just out of the harbor - dolphins and WHALES!

photo 3 (19)

Leaving the safety of the harbor was/is a Big Deal for me! Boats zipping around and throwing a big wake is still a big hurdle for me. BUT I know if I want to have dolphin swimming with me and wanted to experience whales up close it's time to be brave! Falling in isn't so bad if it means experiencing the majesty of the ocean and it's creatures.

See you out there!


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